Sunday Night Slowjam: You Make Me Feel Brand New– The Stylistics

I wish people still wrote songs like this.  A love song filled with gratitude.  Whenever I listen to it, I end up screaming the chorus with my arms raised above my head. My roommates have learned that I will sing to them on my knees when this song comes on.  It’s super-fun to live with me.

Someone once asked me why I love slowjams so much.  At the time, I didn’t quite have the words.  I think I said something like “why not?” which doesn’t answer the question.  I love them because they feel real in ways that a lot of music just doesn’t anymore.  To me, good, honest love songs feel human.  Of course, a lot of music feels human when it’s honest.  Love songs, though, carry a certain emotional vulnerability that is at best subtle in other types of songs.  I want to be affected by the music and love songs do just that.


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