Black Trans Lives Are Sacred

A Poem for Black Trans Resilience

I wrote this poem while reflecting on the most recent outbreak of black death caused by police as well as the most recent outbreak of trans death in our society. My black trans heart hurts. My black trans soul is tired from having to relentlessly fight for my humanity. I’m especially tired of having to fight for my humanity in Christian spaces. 

The rigid policing of gender norms within a two-gender system severely stymies whatever hope we have for equity and justice. Equity cannot be contingent. Justice is not served when it is only accessible to a few of us. I yearn for a world where life is treated as sacred.

Black Trans Lives Are Sacred

When You Kill Us

When you kill Us,
Our bodies rejoin
Mama Earth, blood-soaked
and battle-worn. She rages
for her lost children, lamenting
how We have returned to Her.

When you kill Us,
Our spirits become sparks
Igniting against pavement,
lighting Fires in the hearts of
all whose Power is forged
in the fallout of
cowardice on parade.

When you kill Us,
We turn out and turn up.
As crows do when mourning
Fallen comrades, we 
fill the skies with Blackness
and cries for Justice.

When you kill Us, 
We do not die. We are
born as Legends,
the makings of your Nightmares.