Poem: A Dwelling Place (Inspired by Psalm 93)

A Dwelling Place Inspired by Psalm 93   I thought that I had found the place where you live, amongst the dewdrops in the morning, while combing through thick fog to find monolith stones near the sea.    May that I rise to meet you. Lift me with ocean spray, trace the contours of your coastline With photographic memory,   I thought that I had

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Create a welcoming church with these 3 tips

On Welcome: Is Your Church as Welcoming as You Think?

With more and more churches beginning to extend their welcome to the LGBTQ+ people in their midst, it’s important to make sure that your church is on the right track to becoming a truly welcoming church. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a lesbian couple shows up to Sunday service at a church with a rainbow flag flying out front. Upon arrival, someone

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What do you think about the apocalypse?

“What do you think about the Apocalypse?”

In my last year of divinity school, I focused on developing a theological method rooted in science fiction poetics and literary theory. It was a challenge and I talked to any and every person who would listen to what I was thinking. My field education supervisor bore the brunt of it, as he was the first person I would usually share my most off-the-wall theories

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Unleash Your Creativity with 5 Simple Tips

Faith Leaders: Unleash Your Creativity with 5 Simple Tips

Do you remember how easily you could unleash your creativity as a child? Creativity was part of your everyday life. Maybe you used to make artistic masterpieces at your kitchen table with nothing but glitter and tempera paints, or maybe you were the leader of your neighborhood adventure team/spy network/superstar music group. However you played, you engaged your creative mind regularly and without judgment. As

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get clear before smart

Faith Leaders: Get CLEAR Before You Get SMART

SMART goals have been making the rounds on my LinkedIn feeds as people become even more interested in productivity and personal “optimization.” The pandemic has underscored the American obsession with productivity, and the ability to set clear, measurable goals is seen as a sign of success. In faith communities, SMART goals have been the go-to choice for hitting milestones and achieving steady growth– in theory.

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A Letter to My Friends in Times of Loss

My dear friends, I’m writing you this because many of you are grieving. Lost parents, lovers, friends, mentors, children, homelands, senses of self, and assumed safety. You have lost, and now you are feeling some sort of response to that loss. This is my love letter to you. This is my way of saying

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A homily for All Souls Day

A Homily for All Souls Day

I gave this homily for All Souls Day Noon Service at Harvard Divinity School on October 28th, 2015.  Source text: John 11:32-44  Good afternoon. Thank you for being here with us as we celebrate All Saints Day and All Souls Day. We have taken this opportunity to honor our lost loved ones as a way for you to enter into community with us, as I’m

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A Poem for Black Trans Resilience

I wrote this poem while reflecting on the most recentoutbreak of black death caused by police as well as themost recent outbreak of trans death in our society. Myblack trans heart hurts. My black trans soul is tired fromhaving to relentlessly fight for my humanity.

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