About Me


I’m a Black, transgender, Christian, all of which drastically affect how I see the world and, in turn, how I see God.

Theology, to me, is a giant, open-ended question. Rather than asking “what” God is, I prefer to ask “how” and “why.” I’m okay with not having answers. Writing helps me plumb the depths of my curiosity, giving me the time and space to let the questions linger.

My personal theology has been heavily influenced by liberation theology, queer theology, and futurism. I have a vested interest in leaving the world a better place than it was when I entered, which requires thinking beyond myself and the God that I know to how God may show up to my children’s children’s children. 

I received a BA in Politics (political theory) from UC Santa Cruz and a MDiv from Harvard Divinity School. 

Painting by Clara Dudley


Most of my writing is in the form of personal essays and blog posts. My work has been featured in the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, on Huffington Postand Believe OutloudI most recently had the pleasure of writing an affirmation guide for QChristian.org on trans and gender-expansive identities.

I do write fiction, but it has not yet been made public. 

Preaching & Speaking

 When I tell stories, I make sure to tell them with my body as well as my words. As a preacher, I am dynamic, often choosing to preach extemporaneously (with notes) instead of with a manuscript. I’ve found that even the best manuscript can leave me feeling restricted in how a story is told or conveyed, so I’ll often choose to go without one. The times where I do choose to use a manuscript usually coincide with moments in time that require more poetry and nuance than what I could think of in the moment. For me, the telling of a story must match the energy of the story itself, and I encourage participation from everyone in attendance. 

I specialize in opening dialogue with those who have little to no experience with transgender people and may have religious beliefs that oppose us. I encourage people to ask the questions they have while encouraging thoughtful reflection about gender itself and the relationships those in attendance have with their own sense of gender identity.  

I’ve shared my story of transition in churches across New England and California. My story appears in Austen Hartke’s book Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians.   



“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”

-Audre Lorde