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See more creatively, think more imaginatively, and dream even BIGGER in your spiritual life and beyond.

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taj m smith
About Me

Hi, I’m Taj M. Smith

As a writer and spiritual leadership coach, my quest is to reconnect you with yourself, ignite your creative thinking, and deepen your sense of spiritual connection to the world and your work within it so you feel confident and ready to take on whatever challenges the future might throw your way.

My writing has appeared in the Huffington Post, the Harvard Divinity Bulletin, and QChristian Fellowship. I’ve preached at First Church in Cambridge, UCC, Old South Church, King’s Chapel, and other churches in the Greater Boston area.

My Services

What I Offer


In all things, I am a storyteller. Through character, setting, and plot, I plumbthe depths of the human experience to explore the truths of human existence.


Storytelling is an essential part of my approach to coaching. The people who come to me for spiritual leadership coaching are rewriting their own stories

Preaching & Speaking

When I tell stories, I make sure to tell them with my body as well as mywords. As a preacher, I am dynamic, often choosing to preach extemporaneously.

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BIG Picture Change = Faith + Imagination

Coaching is about action. It’s about getting you from where you are to where you want to be. 

A good coach asks the questions no one else will ask and guides you towards the insights that will leave you feeling more confident, self-aware, and excited to grow. 

As a spiritual imagination and leadership coach, I can help you:

  • Create spiritual practices that feel natural to you.
  • Feel more whole and less compartmentalized in your professional and personal life.
  • Feel stronger ties between your spiritual life and your activism.
  • Reignite your inner fire and passion for change…

…and much more!


Results I've Helped Create

News & Articles

Latest from the Blog

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Faith Leaders: Unleash Your Creativity with 5 Simple Tips

Do you remember how easily you could unleash your creativity as a child? Creativity was part of your everyday life. Maybe you used to make artistic masterpieces at your kitchen table with nothing but glitter and tempera paints, or maybe you were the leader of your neighborhood adventure team/spy network/superstar music group. However you played, you engaged your creative mind regularly and without judgment. As

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get clear before smart

Faith Leaders: Get CLEAR Before You Get SMART

SMART goals have been making the rounds on my LinkedIn feeds as people become even more interested in productivity and personal “optimization.” The pandemic has underscored the American obsession with productivity, and the ability to set clear, measurable goals is seen as a sign of success. In faith communities, SMART goals have been the go-to choice for hitting milestones and achieving steady growth– in theory.

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A Letter to My Friends in Times of Loss

My dear friends, I’m writing you this because many of you are grieving. Lost parents, lovers, friends, mentors, children, homelands, senses of self, and assumed safety. You have lost, and now you are feeling some sort of response to that loss. This is my love letter to you. This is my way of saying

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